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Founded in 2013, Lifted Designs is the best alternative pipe & tobacco store in Jacksonville, Florida. Lifted Designs is a unique shopping experience with locally produced product at great prices. We are focused on three things: Customer Service, Quality, and Price.

Customer Service

Lifted Designs strives to provide educated, polite, and efficient customer service. Have you ever noticed that most web sites try and hide their phone number? We never want to hide from you! Call us any time at 904-683-8302 or fax us at 904-738-8414


Lifted Designs will not sell any products that we have not checked and put through a rigorous inspection. Lifted Designs motto for years has been "a perfect hole and perfect bowl" every time. When you order from Lifted Designs you can feel safe that the pipe coming is just like the pipe pictured. We truly care about the quality and karma of your purchase.


Lifted Designs does not sell any "cheap" products! We do offer high quality products at low prices. Lifted Designs offers a unique selection of products at great prices... browse and find out. Lifted Designs makes a lot of the hand blown glass pipes we sell so you can save buying direct from us... no middle man. Lifted Designs is 100% American owned and operated. We are not trying to be the coolest, just the best. We want you to make Lifted Designs your first stop for unique gifts and everyday smoking needs. Give Lifted Designs a chance, we thank you for the opportunity.


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