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Lifted Designs is your number one stop for all your functional glass art, tobacco accessories, gifts and novelty needs.


We carry a large selection of functional and nonfunctional glass art. We strive to work with only the best glass blowers both on not only a local level, but on a national/international level as well. We carry items in all price ranges so that there is something for everyone. It can range from simply a couple dollars up to thousands of dollars. Maybe you're here for just a simple novelty or maybe you've came to buy that epic centerpiece you always wanted...


Here at Lifted Designs, we try to stay as knowledgeable as possible about every item in the shop or any item on the market. To provide the customer with the best customer service possible. Our goal is to make sure you get exactly what you want and are happy before you leave. For our customers, our products can mean a huge change in their quality of life, and bring a new source of enjoyment to them. Knowing what an important change our products provide to so many of our customers drives us.


Every day, we do our best to make our products a worthwhile addition to our customers lives. Please feel free to let us know if we made your day. Or if something was wrong, feel free to call/email. So that we can help to resolve the situation.


Thanks and stay lifted!


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